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Compression Therapy

Compression therapy is the "gold standard" for the treatment of venous ulcers. Compression therapy serves several purposes in the treatment of venous insufficiency:

  • Reduces the diameter of the vessels
  • Returns blood to the central circulation
  • Reduces edema
  • May improve arterial circulation
  • May reduce levels of inflammatory cytokines and proteases

There are a large variety of compression products that are available. These are usually classified according to the level of compression they provide at the ankle. For patients who do not have arterial disease, a pressure of approximately 40mmHg at the ankle is recommended. Types of compression products include:

  • Short Stretch Bandages
  • Long Stretch Bandages
  • Multi-Layer Bandages
  • Compression Stockings

Compression therapy may be initially uncomfortable, and many patients may opt out of treatment due to this discomfort. Your doctor and nurse will work with you to minimize any discomfort and allow you some choice in therapy whenever possible.