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Epic Medical Group Opens New Multi-Specialty Clinic at Sherman Oaks Hospital to Help Patients Transition from Hospital to Home

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Hospital-Based Clinic Extends the Continuum of Care to Minimize Hospital Readmissions

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif., November 16, 2017 – Epic Medical Group today announced that it has opened a hospital-based Multi-Specialty Clinic (MSC) at Sherman Oaks Hospital to help close the gap between hospital stay and home for patients recovering from complex and chronic conditions. The physicians with Epic Medical Group will provide a seamless transition for patients while managing their conditions at the MSC at Sherman Oaks Hospital within the first two weeks of discharge, returning patients to their primary care physician once they are stabilized to ensure safe continuity of care following hospital discharge.

For patients, the transition from hospital stay to home is a critical time in their healing cycle. The main purpose of the MSC at Sherman Oaks Hospital is to help smooth this process and bridge the gap. With access to this clinic, a follow-up appointment is arranged within the first seven days of discharge to continue to assess the patients ongoing medical needs throughout their recuperation. To further integrate its services into the community, Epic Medical Group has partnered with three home health agencies, including Assisted Home Health & Hospice, Accredited Home Care, and Pegasus Home Health Care to assist patients in receiving needed home-based services.

The MSC at Sherman Oaks Hospital will be a fully-staffed medical clinic led by Dr. Keino Rutherford who has practiced at Epic Medical Group and Sherman Oaks Hospital for the past three years. “The gap between discharge and follow-up appointment with a primary care physician is when patients are the most vulnerable to relapse or re-injury,” said Dr. Rutherford. “The goal of the clinic is to educate patients and provide the services to help them manage their condition and regain better health until they are connected with their primary care provider.”

“According to several studies, more than half of hospitalized Medicare patients did not have contact or a follow-up visit with a physician two weeks following discharge, which is potentially dangerous for patients managing complex and chronic medical conditions,” said Dr. Sunny Bhatia, Corporate Chief Medical Officer, Prime Healthcare Services Division I and Chief Medical Officer, Sherman Oaks Hospital and Encino Hospital Medical Center. “For patients with ongoing medical needs, these missed connections are major contributors to hospital readmissions. Access to the Multi-Specialty Clinic at Sherman Oaks Hospital removes this barrier and aligns the hospital with its mission of promoting better health and providing award-winning care to the community.”

The Multi-Specialty Clinic at Sherman Oaks Hospital is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and is located at 4911 Van Nuys Boulevard, Suite 307, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403. The clinic welcomed its first patients on November 6, 2017. For more information, call 818-817-3265.

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