Gero-Psychiatric Program

Gero-Psychiatric Voluntary / Involuntary Inpatient Program

Restoring Hope Changing Lives

Sherman Oaks Hospital provides a full range of services for the effective treatment and management of mental health issues in patients aged 50 and older. Inpatient hospitalization gives our patients the opportunity to be in a conducive environment that allows one to focus on life stressors away from the distractions of everyday life. Care is provided in a safe, secure and attentive environment. Our services include:

  • LPS designated facility for voluntary and involuntary diagnosis
  • Comprehensive assessment and diagnostics
  • Specialized individual and group therapy
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Multi-disciplinary team approach
  • Medication management
  • Discharge planning
  • 24 hour clinical nursing team
  • PET Team 24 Hours / 7 days a week

We provide treatment for many symptoms and behaviors including:

  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Isolative or withdrawn behavior
  • Prolonged grief or sadness
  • Harmful behaviors to self or others
  • Recurrent thoughts of suicide or death
  • Suicide attempts
  • Hallucinations or delusions
  • Severe behavioral problems
  • Overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
  • Panic or anxiety attacks

Reaching out is the first step

If you or someone you care about is in emotional distress, call the professionals at Sherman Oaks Hospital. For more information, to schedule a tour of our facility, or for a confidential assessment, please call us 24/7 at: