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The Amputation Prevention Center has started a monthly newsletter. Each month we will post useful infromation in Technology, Surgery, Research, and Education in Amputation Prevention.

This Month: New Technology for Debridement, Diabetes Control by Behavioral Modification, Test you knowledge(quiz), tax deductions for Diabetes, and more. (please click the link to view our full news letter)

New Technology for Debridement

Benefits of ultrasonic wound debridement includes controlled

tissue removal, reduced bleeding, improved healing times, and

reduction of biofilm. Now available at the APC

Diabetes Control by Behavioral Modification

Managing diabetes and healing your foot ulcer requires some

lifestyle changes. You need to pay close attention to your diet and

your physical activity. You should probably monitor your calories.

Modifying your behavior might prove challenging, but it is the

only sure way to achieve control. A large part of this process

involves addressing the beliefs that keep you from living a

healthier lifestyle and replacing problem behaviors with healthy

behaviors. Setting goals, keeping records, and evaluating your

progress also play an important role.

Click here for a full list fo tips.

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