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The Amputation Prevention Center has started a monthly newsletter. Each month we will post useful infromation in Technology, Surgery, Research, and Education in Amputation Prevention.

This month: What is Charcot, Risks for ulceration in Diabetics, Prevention of Diabetes related complications, and test your knowledge with a short quiz. (please click the link to view our full news letter)

What is Charcot!

A Charcot foot, pronouced “Shark-o”, is an abnormal process that is commonly seen in people that have neuropathy. Neuropathy typically involves a loss in sensation in the feet. Many times a fracture or dislocation can occur with minimal trauma. Sometimes it may be related to a single event or from repetition. Despite injury diabetics will continue to walk because of their neuropathy. Typical findings include edema, warmth, and bounding pulses. In the early phases there may not be any radiographic findings." Charcot can involve multiple joints in the foot and can result in a deformity. The best treatment is early recognition and immobilization. It is estimated that the incidence of acute Charcot in the opposite extremity may be as high as 25 percent. ".

Risk for ulceration in diabetic

Category 1: If you lack sensation and have no deformity, then you have a 1.7 times more likely to develop an ulcer. "

Category 2: If you lack sensation and have deformity, then you have a 12.1 times more likely to develop an ulcer."

Category 3: If you have had a prior ulceration, amputation, or foot deformity then you have 36 times more likely to develop an ulceration."

-Adapted from the University of Texas Diabetic Foot Risk Classification System"

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